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How to choose headphones for running

How to choose headphones for running

11. 5. 2021 4 min. reading

Are you listening to music, podcast or audiobook while running and looking for the right running headphones, but don't know which ones to choose? We have some tips for you.

In the Ears or Behind the Ears?

The models' bag has now ruptured and everyone should choose the right sports headphones according to what suits them best and feels comfortable. In-ear headphones, such as the Sony AS210, usually provide more comfort when exercising, as they don't fall right away. Even at a faster pace, they may fall out of their ears, but they still hold to their ears. However, this may not be so pleasant for everyone and they prefer the classic "plugs", Sony EX110AP. Both versions of the headphones from Sony offer control directly on the wire, so you don't have to pull out the phone.

Sony Headphones

Wired or Wireless Sports Headphones?

Wired headphones win in quantity, price and battery life (they don't have one :), wireless headphones with convenience, higher sound quality and extended functions, such as a microphone, so you can easily call a friend while running. Wireless sports headphones are most often connected to the phone via Bluetooth, which is the biggest waste of energy, so you need to charge the headphones often. The advantage of the Sony WF-SP800N wireless headphones is the charging case, in which when you put the headphones on for 10 minutes, you have a charge for another hour!

Completely Wireless Headphones or Wireless with a Cord Behind the Neck?

This is all about feeling. The ones with the cord behind the neck ensure a "safe feeling that they won't fall out",  and push-button controls. For another runner, on the other hand, the cable can be annoying because it jumps around, even though it can be fastened. We definitely recommend this runner Sony WF-SP800N, the highest model of sports running headphones from Sony, which you can get in our offer.

Our ambassadors Iva and Veronika tried out the WF-SP800N wireless headphones, and what do they say about them?

Iva: “I was very pleasantly surprised by the headphones. I was afraid they would fall out of my ears, as I had only experienced wireless behind my neck so far, but thanks to the different sizes of the earbuds, I chose the best fit and the headphones don't fall, even though they seem to be a little bigger in my ears. The quick-charge case is a great feature, so I don't have to deal with the cable all the time, and meanwhile changing into my sports outfit, I'm all charged and ready for my run. The headphones suit me in almost any weather, except that when I wear a hood, they sometimes "switch themselves" by touching the jacket, which can be prevented by setting the controls in the application that is associated with the headphones. The second disadvantage is the control during fast running or in the rain, when the headphones are extremely sensitive, so I can easily click and instead of the next song I play the same from the beginning. In the final evaluation, I am really satisfied with the headphones and I recommend them to every runner! ”

Veronika: “Because I like to run with music, when choosing headphones, it's important that they hold my ears well, and I always prefer wireless running headphones. The Sony WF-SP800N are great in that they play really well, they can attenuate ambient noise and the big advantage is the battery life, which I can only confirm! (9 hours headphones alone + 9 hours charging case). I honestly expected them to cope better with wind and noise, but otherwise they hold really well in their ears and they have a beautiful simple design, so they look great not only in sports. ”