Running headphones: How to choose them and bestseller tips

Running headphones: How to choose them and bestseller tips

11. 5. 2023 4 min. reading

Looking for the right running headphones to listen to your favourite music, podcast, or audiobook? We've got some proven tips for you.

There are many models, shapes and types of headphones on the market, so you have a unique opportunity to find out what''s right just for you. In this article, we''ll help you choose, but also give you tips on particular running headphones.

Key features of running headphones

What to think about when choosing sports headphones? We''ve got the basic characteristics outlined for you, which we''ll discuss in detail.

  • Wired or wireless?
  • Earbuds, earplugs, behind-the-ear headphones, or large over-the-head headphones?
  • Resistant to sweat or rain
  • Comfort first

1) Wired or wireless sports headphones?

This is of the first questions you''ll probably ask yourself before buying a new set. Let''s review the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

  • Wired headphones: They have a clear advantage in price, which is substantially lower, and battery life − actually, they have no battery, so you never have that annoying moment of discovery when the headphones are empty. The cons include a lack of features and, in particular, tangled wires that can get in the way when you''re running. This might get irritating pretty soon.
  • Wireless headphones: their advantages include more comfort, higher sound quality, no wires, and several advanced features such as microphone, surround noise cancellation, and the ability to switch and mute audio. Disadvantages include the need to charge them, because you can run out of batteries in the middle of a workout. However, many producers supply wireless headphones in special charging cases where you store them and they charge up quite quickly. Beware, the case also needs to be recharged regularly.

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2) True wireless headphones, with a wire behind the ears or over the head?

Should you go for true wireless headphones, the ones with a cord behind the ears for safety, or large over-the-head headphones? Here it''s all about feeling and personal preference.

  • If you prefer true wireless, you''ll probably go for the so-called pins or earbuds. For example, we recommend SONY wireless headphones. They fit comfortably in your ears, stay in place when you move, and deliver a unique experience.
  • The ones with the wire provide a "safe feeling that they won''t fall out" and push-button control. That''s what the Shockz headphones with their titanium frame around the neck give you.
  • Another type: the large over-the-head headphones, which are not only running headphones, but rather lifestyle headphones. Their advantage is the design and the fact that they simply look good on the head. But when it comes to practicality, the cons outweigh the pros − the headphones usually don''t stay in place when running, they slide off the ears and can fall off the head.

3) Pay attention to moisture and sweating

Salty dripping sweat or moisture under a running headband can be aggressive to the headphones. And honestly, you wouldn''t like it if your headphones stopped working because of it. So choose a quality model − a purely sporty, preferably waterproof (IPX label) option with silicone earcups. Also remember that it is not hygienically advisable to lend your headphones to other people.

4) Comfort and no ear pain

Sports headphones shouldn''t press on your ears and cause pain in your auricles, or in your head. That''s why producers add several sizes of earcups to the package, so you can adjust the size according to your ear.

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Sony LinkBuds S headphones review

And because we enjoy having music, podcasts, or audiobooks in our ears while running, we require the best possible listening and sound quality. Among our favorites at the moment is the LinkBuds S wireless model from Sony, and here's a short review of this model: 

"I was very pleasantly surprised by the headphones. Compared to the Sony WF-SP800N, which I''ve been running with for almost two years now, these are smaller, lighter, and fit great in my ears. The sound is great, and the ability to switch the noise-cancelling mode is top for me (especially at work).” Iva (@iva_runstheworld)

"I want my headphones to fit securely in my ear, be comfortable and easy to use, play well, and have a good battery life. These tick all the boxes. If you have similar preferences, you''ll be happy with the LinkBuds S. Sony is simply a guarantee of quality, tried and tested with my own ears!” Sabina (@sabina.pazd)

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