How to start running with a stroller safely and happily?

How to start running with a stroller safely and happily?

30. 9. 2022 6 min. reading

Are you a running lover and a new mom at the same time? Collect running kilometers with a little buddy in a stroller! How and when to start, what to watch out for, and can you lose weight?

Finally! Back on the track and in the company of a little buddy. First of all, remember that running with a stroller is quite a chore! Of course, it is, you are pushing a few extra kilos in front of you. But don't worry, we have advice for you to make your runs together enjoyable and, above all, safe. What will we focus on in the article?

  • How to start running with a stroller?
  • When is a good time to start?
  • How to choose a jogging stroller?
  • Correct running technique?
  • What will relieve back pain?
  • Can you lose weight by jogging with a stroller?

Running with a stroller - How to start?

  • Brisk Walking - Try brisk walking first to get used to the stroller in front of you. This is a big difference compared to classic running. Then gradually move to an easy running pace.
  • Timing is key - Some babies will happily fall asleep while running, while others want to look outside and observe their surroundings. Be aware of the child's needs and adapt the running time to his mood.
  • Leave headphones at home - For safety reasons, don't take headphones on runs with the stroller. You better listen to what''s going on in the stroller.
  • Choose a shorter route - Try to move around the house in case the little buddy protests or anything gets complicated. If the situation allows, you can run the route more than once!

When to run with the stroller for the first time?

If you can't wait to put on your running shoes and go run, just wait a second. According to doctors, the minimum age limit for a child is at least 6 months. After this time, the baby already has a better posture, which is very important due to possible shocks during a run. Before the first run, consult everything with the pediatrician to be sure. If you really can't wait to get moving, start slowly on your own!

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Classic vs. jogging stroller

For running, a jogging stroller is the best option. It is stable, light, can absorb shocks, has larger wheels with a pattern for better grip, has safety buckles, and also has a handbrake directly on the handle. This will give your baby sufficient comfort and safety, and you will be able to enjoy running kilometers. Happy baby, happy mom! Tricycles are also very popular. Some can even be attached to the bike.

A jogging stroller is kind of a large investment. Think about a friend of yours who is selling a stroller, or check out various bazaars where they can be found at a better price. However, it is an investment that pays off - you can use the stroller for sports and also for classic walks. It can also be easily folded, so you can easily handle it!


Running technique when running with a stroller

Hand movement is very important and helpful during classic running. It helps maintain stability, and control over every step and makes running more efficient. When running with a stroller, the running technique changes and you can choose what suits you better - You can hold the stroller either with one hand or with both hands.

  • While holding one hand, you help yourself with the other, as in classic running. We recommend alternating your hands to avoid overloading one side. With this method, it is important to react quickly to possible changes in the terrain and to always have the stroller under control.
  • In the case of holding the stroller with both hands, you have more control over the stroller, but back pain may occur due to slouching. Try not to lean on the handle of the stroller and run upright.

How to relieve back pain?

You try to run upright, alternating arms, but your back still hurts. How to help yourself from pain?

  • Run even without a stroller - Sometimes run alone without a little baby. It will relieve your back, and muscles and remind your body of the classic running technique. Think of it as your time to focus only on yourself and your body.
  • Stretch yourself - You can choose classic stretching, elements from yoga, or exercises for mobility and flexibility. All you need is an exercise mat and 10 minutes of your time.
  • Include strength training - Back muscles support the spine and vertebrae. If you have the opportunity, do strength training once a week focusing on the back muscles. If you are just starting out with weight training, take the help of a trainer who will teach you the correct technique and explain the individual exercises.

In case of persistent pain, visit an expert - a physiotherapist, who will relax the stiff muscles and give you advice on appropriate movement.

TIP: Do you know strollering? A combination of running and exercising with a stroller in the fresh air and in a group of other moms. Find a group in your area, put on your running clothes, and go move!


Running with a stroller and losing weight

Can you lose postpartum pounds by running with a stroller?

The answer is YES, BUT…

By running, you will increase your caloric expenditure and if it is higher than your caloric intake, you will lose weight. However, energy expenditure is not only running, it includes much more:

  • Basal metabolic rate - Energy needed for basic physiological functions (function of the brain, organs, or regular menstrual cycle).
  • Resting metabolic rate - The energy you expend while sitting, lying down, or sleeping.
  • Work metabolism - The energy you spend during physical activities - walking, running, exercising, and other activities.

As you can see, not only sports activity is a caloric expenditure. In addition, breastfeeding is also included in energy expenditure. It is very energy-intensive, and thanks to breastfeeding the kilos go down on their own after giving birth. So YES, running is a tool that will increase your caloric expenditure and can help you lose weight. But you don't have to focus only on it, energy expenditure is, for example, walking with a stroller or housework. Yes, cleaning is the new cardio!

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