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Treadmill running: Advantages, disadvantages and what type of running is it suitable for?

Treadmill running: Advantages, disadvantages and what type of running is it suitable for?

27. 3. 2022 4 min. reading

Treadmill running is very underrated nowadays, but it definitely has a lot to offer. We've got the pros and cons and what types of running workouts it is suitable for.

One important sentence to start with - every person is different, and has different preferences, goals and the type of running they prefer will depend on that. It is impossible to say whether running on a treadmill is better or worse than running in nature. Find a compromise and balance between these worlds with us!

Benefits of treadmill running

1) Flat surface

On the treadmill, you're running on a flat and kind of soft surface, which is good, unlike the outdoor city roads. On asphalt, the impacts are much bigger, and with that comes increased pressure on joints, ligaments, and tendons.

2) All-weather running

You can't be stopped by cold, rain, or snow. You don't need to think about appropriate winter clothing or waterproof shoes. Just go on the treadmill and the training can begin!

3) The possibility of running at home

These days, in perhaps the post-covid era, it is increasingly popular to have a treadmill at home. It's lightweight and portable, and you can run whenever you want while watching your favourite TV show. There are many varieties, so check out some treadmill reviews first and choose one to suit your needs!

4) Great for speed training

The treadmill is the ideal partner for speed workouts such as intervals or tempo runs. Just set the proper training program and don't worry about anything else. You can focus only on yourself, your speed and don't have to deal with environmental factors such as changing surfaces, pedestrians, cyclists, or cars.

5) One pair of shoes is enough

One pair of quality running shoes is definitely enough for treadmill running. Unlike outdoor running, where you have to deal with different surfaces and adapt your footwear accordingly - road running shoes are ideal for asphalt, and trail shoes are perfect for off-road running, with aggressive grip to hold you up on uneven, slippery, and rocky surfaces. There are also shoes that are safe to run in on the road and also on trail.


Disadvantages of treadmill running

1) Absence of being outdoor

The lack of fresh air and energy from nature is one of the biggest disadvantages. Try combining treadmill runs with nature walks, at least on sunny days to get vitamin D and vitamin NATURE.

2) There may be a stereotype

Can you run for a long time outdoors, but on the treadmill, you get tired of running after a few minutes and stop enjoying it? It's because of the same environment. Try varying the speed and incline while you run on the treadmill and listen to your favourite playlist or podcast. Many treadmills also have a screen that simulates the natural environment - mountains, forests, meadows.

3) You have to pay for it

There is no "shoe and run" for treadmill running. Often you have to drive to the gym, which involves transportation and entry costs. Get a discounted entry pass to the gym, which can reduce the cost. But remember - it's an investment in you and your health. If you enjoy it, it's definitely worth it.


Is it possible to lose weight by treadmill running?

Treadmill running is one of the physical activities that increase total caloric expenditure. If the caloric expenditure is higher than the caloric intake - you will lose weight. Running on the treadmill can significantly help with weight loss. The burned energy will depend on the length and intensity of the workout. How to make your treadmill training more effective?

  • Run as you do outside, use your arms and breathe properly
  • Set a slight incline to increase air resistance
  • At high inclines, slow down and simulate walking uphill - this will strengthen your glutes and legs

Whether you're a die-hard treadmill lover or a fan of running in the outdoors, we believe we've introduced you to the best of both worlds. Be variable and try to step out of your routine. Give a chance to the new runs, maybe you discover your hidden potential!

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