Saysky - 3-legged Mile Invitational

Saysky - 3-legged Mile Invitational

23. 3. 2022 Displayed 10 176x

New World Record Alert? We went for the World Record in the 3-legged Mile last week. A fun night with good vibes, running, pizza and beer.

During last week, the 3-Legged Mile Invitational was upon us. Our goal? To break the Guinness World Record. The hard part? This particular mile is run in teams of two, one leg of each person is tied together with the other person's leg. So it's not just about your speed, it's also about matching your rhythm and keeping it up for the duration of a mile.

For this, we brought together fast runners from all over Berlin, including @berlintrackclub,, @kraftrunners, and @midnightrunners. Our meeting point was at the Top4Running store in Berlin, from where we ran together to the track in a great atmosphere. Then, we had time for a few trials runs before we got down to business.

Time to beat: 05:52,34min

On the four laps on the track, the teams overtook each other again and again. There were crashes and many stops to get back into the same rhythm with their partner. So it was exciting until the end and difficult to say who would win the race.



Close finish

Before the finish line, it got really tight. But the team Washed Up, Nikki Johnstone & Fabian Clarkson, could win in a close finish with a time of 06:09,32min in front of the team Store Runners Robel Tewelde & Noah (06:10,02min). In the women's race, Leona Rieck & Vronita got the victory with the time of 08:05,17min.

Although this time it was not quite enough for a new Guinness World Record, afterward we celebrated together with pizza and beer in the Top4Running Store.

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