New Balance 1080v12: One for all?

New Balance 1080v12: One for all?

16. 4. 2023 6 min. reading

New Balance has more than a century of history. They say they empower people and create positive change in communities around the world through sports and crafts. New Balance believes that everyone is welcome and has the right to play sports. What does New Balance have to say about the 1080v12 model?

New Balance 1080v12 review 

New Balance has a more than century long history. They themselves say that they empower people through sport and craftmanship to create positive change in communities around the world. New Balance believes that everyone’s welcome and has the right to do sports. They seek to amplify all voices to shape the future of the sports industry. 

So, what does New Balance have to say about the New Balance 1080v12

If we only made one running shoe, that shoe would be the 1080. What makes the 1080 unique isn’t just that it’s the best running shoe we have ever made, it’s also the most versatile. The 1080 delivers top-of-the-line performance to every kind of runner, whether you’re training for world-class competition, or catching a rush hour train. The Fresh Foam X 1080v12 represents a consistent progression of the model’s signature qualities. The smooth transitions of the pinnacle underfoot cushioning experience are fine-tuned with updated midsole mapping, which applies more foam to wider areas of the midsole and increases flexibility at the narrower points. The ultra-modern outlook is also reflected in the 1080’s upper construction. The v12 offers a supportive, second-skin style fit with an engineered Hypoknit upper, for a more streamlined overall design. 

It’s time to find out if the shoe is really all that. 


Tekaški copati New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 v12

How I used the shoes so far 

Until today I ran more than 250 kilometres in the shoe. I’ve done every run that I usually do right now in this shoe. From easy shorter recovery runs to long runs. From fast 1k repeats to longer tempo runs around my marathon goal race pace. I even used the shoe twice in a track workout at fast paces. Most of the runs have been on pavement. All in all, I really tried to put the shoe to a good test so I can write a good review of it. 

Fit of the shoe 

For me, the shoe fits true to size. While putting on the shoe the first time, I could feel that the upper material hugs the foot nicely and that there is no problem with the lockdown. You can just lace up the shoe and you are good to go. The toe box is quite roomy and has enough space for your toes. The shoe should fit you even if you have wider feet. The heel cup has a lot of padding. All in all, I must say that putting on the shoe for the first time felt comfortable. During the runs I did I had no issue with any hot spots or blisters or my feet. 

And one more thing about the upper. Yes, it’s comfortable, but not very breathable. I found that with warmer temperatures my feet got warmer than in some other shoes. That’s something you should consider if living in a warmer climate. 

Tekaški copati New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 v12

Performance of the shoe 

If I could only use three words to describe the shoe I would go for: softness, responsiveness, and a workhorse. And to add one more word: stability. You can probably tell where I’m going with this. The first run I did in the shoe was an 8-kilometre-long easy run. What I remembered from the run was the soft feel of the midsole. But soft in a good way. I wasn’t sinking into the midsole, rather I got the energy I was putting into the shoe back. That’s why I chose responsiveness. 

The outsole of the shoe is quite wide and provides a great grip on even wet surfaces, but to be honest, it’s not the shoe you should use on trails. I tried it but felt quite insecure by doing so. In the end, the 1080v12 is a road shoe and should therefore be used on roads. Even though running tight corners has never been a problem. 

Tekaški copati New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 v12

Now about the faster runs I did in the shoe. Faster running felt good, not great. There are other options out there that are more suited for faster running. Not that you can’t use the shoe during a tempo run, but you just don’t get the energy you are putting in back and the perceived effort level is higher than in some other shoes. I know I said responsiveness, but to some degree. The faster you want to run, the less responsive the shoe gets. 

But it did best in long runs, that’s why the shoe is a workhorse. Even for those really long, long runs, when training for a marathon. Just last weekend I did a 32k run in the shoe and will do all my outstanding long runs at easy or moderate pace in the 1080v12. Just not the long run workouts with marathon goal race pace segments. 

How will I use the shoe 

For long runs, surely. But, also, for all my easy to moderate middle distance runs and my recovery runs. Well, that’s not all. I will use the shoe even on some longer tempo runs around marathon race pace. Why? If I can run marathon pace in the 1080v12 for 10 or 14k, it will feel easier on race day in my race shoe. 

Today, after 250 kilometres, the upper of the shoe looks like fresh out of the box. Even the midsole feels the same as on my first few runs. However, there is some wear on the outsole. I would say that the midsole and the upper would go even up to 600, maybe 700 kilometres, but I’m not sure that the outsole has more than a 400 kilometres lifespan. 

Would I recommend the New Balance 1080v12

This is probably the best option if you only want to have one pair of running shoes. It can do everything, but not at 100 percent. It’s the best all-around daily trainer I used in a long time. However, if you want to have more shoes in your rotation, I recommend the 1080v12 as your workhorse, your long runs shoe, and go to shoe for easy to moderate paces. 

Tekaški copati New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 v12

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