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How to run in summer

How to run in summer

30. 6. 2021 3 min. reading

Running during hot summer days has its specifics and it is important to take them into account so that you do not gamble with your health.

At first glance, summer days tend to be perfect for running in the nature or the streets. The sun charges a person and does not let him sit at home. However, sports on hot days also bring their negatives, which need to be prevented in time. Here are some special tips, so that it doesn''t end in trouble:

1) Sufficient hydration

Most of us neglect our drinking needs, even during a normal working day. The body is dehydrated, but often we don''t even realize it. We usually find out when we start to run, but that's too late to start catching up. Fluid intake must be even throughout the day. It is not enough to drink a lot just before training. Intake of large amounts of fluids at once only overloads the kidneys, which filter the water and expel it from the body. Fluid deficiency associated with increased physical activity leads to overheating of the body, general dehydration and collapse of the body. If we go for a long run, we should always have a bottle of drink with us.

Of course, ionic beverages have their advantage here. They replenish not only water, but also a certain amount of energy and especially minerals, which are excreted even more through increased sweating.

2) Time of day

It is essential to plan your training well and adapt to the weather. The weather forecast will help with the right timing of the training. Running out at noon on steamy days might not be a good idea. Not only do you not perform the way you want, but most of the time you also gamble on your health.

It is ideal to run if the temperatures are lower and preferably in the shade. Morning and evening runs are a good alternative. The morning run will help you start the day, wake up really well and move into the morning. However, not everyone is able to get up easily in the morning. For these sleepers, evening training is better, when on the contrary, they clear their head after work and relax. However, it is never good to resort to stereotypes, so I recommend combining both; sometimes going out in the morning, sometimes in the evening.

Pokud jen máte možnost vyrazit do přírody, neváhejte a vyběhněte.

3) Environment

The summer sun can warm the city and asphalt nicely. Even though it is no longer noon, the hot city can still glow nicely. Running on hot asphalt causes blisters and bruises on the feet. Breathing in dusty and dry streets is also much more difficult.

A better choice is to run in the nature or the park. Trees and greenery can create far more shade and much more pleasant air to breathe. Running on forest paths is also much more gentle on joints and ligaments. If you have the opportunity to go into the nature, do not hesitate and start running. There are many obstacles in the forest, so the right shoes and equipment are the basis for trail running.

4) Appropriate clothing and equipment

Clothing also plays a role, which should always be functional and designed for sports. Such uppers much more effectively remove sweat from the body, prevent it from overheating and the overall collapse of the body. Some even actively cool it. Remember to also bring a backpack with greater water supply for the long runs. And always protect your eyesight with sports glasses designed for sports.

The article was created in collaboration with Jana Kunčická, running coach and nutritionist.