13 best gift ideas for runners

13 best gift ideas for runners

10. 11. 2023 6 min. reading

Christmas, birthdays, holidays, or just for fun. There are many occasions to get a present for your favourite runner. Let us help you choose a gift that will delight every running lover.

Do you have passionate runners around you, and wonder how to make them happy? Then you're in the right place. We''ve put together a list of 13 top gifts, from classics like running shoes to unusual running products or services. Okay, here we go.

1) Running shoes

Probably the first thing that comes to mind are running shoes themselves. We''re not surprised, because they''re essential and crucial for every runner. However, remember that you need to choose shoes that match the runner''s style and preferences. Answer a few questions first:

  • Does he/she tend to run on the road, trail, or train on the track?
  • Is he/she in need of a racing or training shoe?
  • Is he/she interested in features such as cushioning, drop, or shoe width?
  • What size does he/she need?
  • Does he/she prefer any particular brands?

If you have the answers to these questions, you''re halfway there. If you don''t know about your runner's preferences, we recommend choosing a different gift. Running shoes must meet the needs of the runner 100%. But don''t worry, we've just begun with our tips. Let's get moving. 

2) Running apparel

You can never have enough running clothes, we guarantee it. There isn''t a runner who wouldn''t appreciate a new functional t-shirt, shorts, leggings or jacket for the colder days. The key is to choose quality, breathable, and comfortable pieces. And if you also focus on the preferred cut, colour, and her/his favourite brand, you''ll definitely score.

3) Running equipment

Running gear has one big advantage: in most cases you don''t have to worry about the right size. Popular choices include running poles for joint relief, headlamps for safety, or sports bags for storing gear and travelling.


4) Fitness tracker or sports watch

A small accessory able to do big things. A fitness tracker or sports watch with GPS function helps runners track their activity, analyze running performance, monitor recovery, set goals, and much more. They are especially appreciated by beginners who want to keep track of their progress, hobby runners training for a race, or professional athletes. Among bestsellers you'll find Garmin, Apple or Suunto watches.

5) Running headphones

Listening to music, a podcast, or an audiobook and enjoying an undisturbed run is idyllic. But yeah, when a runner gets tangled up in wires, or the headphones relentlessly keep falling out, there''s not much to go on. Treat the runner to headphones dedicated to running. With a smile on their face, they''ll dance through every single mile.

6) Top4Running merch

Is your running enthusiast a fan of our e-shop? We firmly believe so. That''s why we also have our own Top4Running merch, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, running headbands, socks, bags, and other products with our logo to make it obvious which running community the runner belongs to. They will shine in it at training, races, but also in their free time.

7) Regeneration tools

Adequate recovery and rest go hand in hand with the performance and health of the runner. But let''s face it, a lot of people don''t put much emphasis on it and struggle with chronic pain and injuries. Be proactive and help your runner with recovery. A foam roller for muscle relaxation, a stretching mat, or a massage gun are all good tools to use. Another tip is regeneration in the form of an experience such as a spa, massage, sauna, or physio voucher.


8) Gift vouchers

If you're just not sure what would make your runner happy, remember that nothing beats a gift card in that case. Its biggest advantage is the flexibility and speed of delivery, because it will be sent to your e-mail within minutes. Then all you have to do is print it out, put it in an envelope and you''re done. At Top4Running we offer gift vouchers of several values. The only thing you need to do is pick one.

9) Running books

Feet up in the air and book in hand. A popular kind of relaxation among runners. There are several types of running books to choose from, such as inspirational, technical, or training books. But you can also choose non-running books - Nordic crime, for example, or interesting novels.

10) Hydration system

Staying hydrated is essential when running. Get your runner a hydration bag, a storage soft flask, or a running backpack that can hold also a gel, granola bar, or phone. This gift will be appreciated by those runners who prefer longer runs where they disappear into the city, forest, or mountains for hours.

11) Registration fee for races

Is your runner planning on running a race, but hasn''t registered yet? This is your chance. You can easily pay the entry fee online and have the gift in their inbox in minutes. You can get them registered for a classic running race in the city, trail adventure in the outdoors, or maybe an obstacle race, which is an unusual challenge. We recommend paying two fees - one for yourself as well, so you can share the experience!


12) Running gift basket

Create a gift basket of gadgets that every runner will appreciate. And to make sure it''s not boring, theme it. We''ve got some tips for you:

  • Regeneration gift basket: it''s perfect for massage and regenerating creams, bath salts, or herbal teas
  • Nutrition gift basket: throw in protein powder, energy or protein bars, ionic drinks, or energy gels
  • Vitamin gift basket: important vitamins include magnesium, zinc, omega-3s, a multivitamin or even joint nutrition
  • Running goodies basket: headband, glasses, drink bottle, or functional socks

13) Training plan or sessions with a running coach

Investing in a trainer and a customized training plan is always a good idea. This gift will be appreciated by beginners who will gain new information and experience healthy movement patterns right from the start. It's also suitable for runners who are preparing for their first half marathon or other running races which require systematic preparation. Help your beloved runner achieve their sports goals!

We trust you won''t go wrong with any of the gifts on this list. But remember to take into consideration the preferences and needs of the runner you''re trying to surprise. That way, you''ll show that you know your favourite runner and score big.