Our Brand Credo: Go Faster. Together.

Our Brand Credo: Go Faster. Together.

2. 8. 2021 2 min. reading

Faster through the power of the team. Who we are and what we believe in.

2021 is our year, the Top4Running year. We want to show all runners out there who we are and what we believe in. The time has come to make a statement about us as a brand. 

Why? Because we are not just another running shop. We are different. Because we live running, we care about runners and believe in our power to support runners to the fullest - not only with gear but also with the magic of being part of our team. 


We speak running. We bring runners together - from the road, to track and trail, from an olympic athlete to an aspiring runner. Whether it's managing a muddy or a steep trail, cracking speed intervals on the track or mastering your daily road training. We are there to support you, anywhere, anytime because we truly believe in the power of the team. We know that every runner is unique but we do have all one common goal and that is to become faster. 


Our brand campaign conveys this simple message:  We unite runners from the different disciplines (road, track, trail) and countries (Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Austria) and that the joint power, the team, is the force allowing every single runner to go faster.

We want to invite all runners out there to join us and our ambassadors on this journey. The best option may no longer be to pursue your path alone, the best option is to run as a team. We do not only provide you with the best shoes and race tanks, we are a community of doctors, nutritionists, trainers and experts and we know that only the support of the team has the power to make you faster. We will always be there to support you to the next level.

Join the journey #GoFasterTogether