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How to choose your perfect sports bra?

How to choose your perfect sports bra?

24. 6. 2024 6 min. reading

The sports bra ✅ is the ultimate weapon for women in sports. Immensely important and powerful.

Sports bras are an essential part of every woman''s sportswear. There is a big difference between a classic bra and a bra designed for running. Take a look at our tips and find the right bra for your sports activities, in which you will feel comfortable and confident!

The importance of a sports bra

Women runners often face a difficult challenge. Finding the right sports bra is not easy, but on the other hand, it is an essential piece of sportswear. The impact of running and other sports causes the breasts to move and heave constantly. If you don''t have a bra with proper support, you may experience discomfort, pain and even put yourself at risk of long-term health problems. A well-fitting sports bra minimizes breast movement, reduces strain on ligaments, promotes better posture and ultimately boosts self-confidence!

I want a new sports bra

Key parameters of the sports bra

When choosing a sports bra for larger breasts, there are several parameters to consider to ensure optimal support and comfort. These include:

1) Level of support

One of the most important features of a sports bra. Sports bras are divided into three categories depending on their support:

Larger breasts require a sports bra with high support or encapsulation. Such types provide individual support to each breast, reducing uncomfortable bouncing and unwanted movement. In short, the bra must be firm to keep the breasts close to the body and in one place.

I want a new sports bra

2) Circumference and cup size

Precise dimensions are essential. The circumference should hug the chest tightly but comfortably, while the cups should hug the breasts without spreading. Remember that each manufacturer''s sizing varies slightly, and the size of a classic bra is also not a rule, rather a guide. It is stated that the appropriate size is the one in which you are able to put two fingers under the straps and hem without the bra pushing you down.

You can easily measure your exact size at home. How to do it? Get out your tailor''s tape measure and measure!

  • Circumference (waist): measure around the ribs, just below the bust, relaxed and exhaling. For accuracy, it''s best to let both hands hang down. If you are measuring yourself, let one hand hang loosely while the other takes the measurement.
  • Length around the neck. But what is the top? It''s the fullest and most prominent part of your breasts. This part of the breast can be at the top or the bottom − we all have it differently. Measure from the most prominent point of your right breast across your neck to the most prominent point of your left breast.

Here''s a chart! You''ll find sizes from XS to 2XL. In the black sizes, there''s a good chance this is the perfect size for you. If the grey size worked out for you, we recommend starting with that size, but you may find that a smaller or larger size works for you.

Velikosti sportovní podprsenky

3) Adjustable straps

Sports bras with adjustable straps make it easy to adjust the fit and level of support for greater flexibility.

4) Breathability and moisture wicking

You''ll sweat when you run, that''s a fact. That''s why you should choose sports bras made of functional, moisture-wicking materials − in most cases, polyester, elastane or nylon blends. These will allow the bra to wick away sweat rather than suck it in.

5) Compression

A popular choice for women with larger breasts are bras that combine compression (to minimize breast movement) and encapsulation (to support each breast separately).

6) Wide bottom band

Some bras have a band, others don't. It's presence provides additional support and helps to distribute the weight of the breasts more evenly. An effective band should be no wider than 2.5 cm. This will ensure sufficient support for the breasts as well as overall comfort. Also try lifting your arms up − the hem should ideally still be in place and not pull up.

I want a new sports bra

How to choose the right sports bra?

If you''re hesitating about which bra to add to your basket, we have some useful tips for you.

  • Try different styles: empirical experience is the most reliable way to find the BEST bra. Try different styles, types of support, brands and see what suits you best and what you feel comfortable running in. This journey can be quite long, but remember that the feeling when you find the right one is worth it!
  • Test the support. Note: we talk about support in detail below!
  • Check with other female runners. Do you have friends, colleagues or acquaintances in your area who also run? Ask them! You''ll get proven tips on bras and, who knows, you might even find yours among them.

Just like running shoes and clothes, sports bras lose their function over time − elasticity and support. Replacement is recommended every 12 to 15 months, depending on the intensity of wear or when you notice signs of wear. To prolong its longevity, wash it either by hand in lukewarm water or in the washing machine on delicate, max 30 degrees.

Enough support for your sports bra

It''s there = the basis of every sports bra. Its support. As unromantic as it sounds, the key to success is the following formula:

Intensity of your sport + size of your breasts = support of your bra

And what does this mean in practice? The optimal sports bra size, and the best possible support, is determined by the combination of breast size and sport intensity. An overview is given in the chart below:

Doporučené sportovní podprsenky podle sportu a velikosti prsou

Sport bra with high support

And finally, a quick satisfaction test! Answer these 5 basic questions:

  • Does the bra cover the whole breast?
  • Do the breasts stay in place during sport?
  • Do the straps pinch, squeeze or feel too loose?
  • Are you wearing functional material?
  • Do you like yourself in the bra?

If you answered yes 5 times, you''re really close to the perfect sports bra!